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Colourful Dolls
29 October 2013

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Our Portrait
22 September 2012

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Jai Hind !
15 August 2012

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White Flower
8 July 2012

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East Coast Road
18 June 2012

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Small Brass Lamp
12 June 2012

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Children Playing
9 May 2012

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Green Plants
11 April 2012

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Egmore Railway station
2 February 2012

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Happy Birthday Viji
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on A Painting

Mhelene on A Painting
Stunning and superb painting !

omid on A Painting
Lovely painting!

Devi on A Painting
Looks amazing !! Great capture Sam :))))

Jypyä Pop on A Painting
Great image.

Steve Rice on A Painting
So interesting and cool.

B. Thomas on A Painting
Cool art.

omid on A Painting
Lovely painting!

Existence Artistique on A Painting
bien le rendu

Mhelene on A Painting
Beautiful painting !

Devi on A Painting
Beautiful..looks like a three dimensional figure !!Great capture Sam ;)))) Have a nice weekend :))))

Jypyä Pop on A Painting
The art is valuable thing

Steve Rice on Lord Shiva

Mhelene on Lord Shiva
Very beautiful !

Existence Artistique on Lord Shiva
bien cet art

omid on Lord Shiva

Nicou on Lord Shiva
Très berlle compo et représentation sueprbe. amitié

tataray on Lord Shiva
Belle image. )

Devi on Lord Shiva
Beautiful image here.. Thank you Sam :)

Jypyä Pop on Lord Shiva
Stunning image

Steven on Lord Ganesha
Gorgeous display that you've captured here!!

Steve Rice on Lord Ganesha
A beautiful display of Ganesha with the lovely flowers.

Existence Artistique on Lord Ganesha

Hiro on Lord Ganesha
nice capture

Mhelene on Lord Ganesha
Beautiful !

Nicou on Lord Ganesha
Quelle image et éléphant quelle compo et vue fantastique Amitié

omid on Lord Ganesha
:) Lovely!

tataray on Lord Ganesha
Belle composition. )

Devi on Lord Ganesha
Hope you are okay

Devi on Lord Ganesha
wow !!! This image looks wonderful ! Great shot !! Especially the flowers and the gleaming lamps !!!! Thank you Sam :)

Jypyä Pop on Lord Ganesha

omid on Silk Saree
Lovely colors & graphics!

Steve Rice on Silk Saree
Lovely colors captured here.

Existence Artistique on Silk Saree

Steven on Silk Saree
Nice colors!

Mhelene on Silk Saree
Splendid image !!

Jypyä Pop on Silk Saree
Very beautiful, all in image.

Nicou on Silk Saree
Superbe vue et dame quel visage et ocmpo fantastique Amitié

Steven on Big and Small
Excellent veining detail captured in the foliage!!

Steve Rice on Big and Small
A nice contrast in leaf size and colors.

Existence Artistique on Big and Small
c'est du bon travail

Nicou on Big and Small
Quel jeu de plante feuille grande et épines sueprbe. amitié

Devi on Big and Small
Beautiful treat for the eyes !!!I suppose the white patches are water after the drizzle !!!!Thank you Sam :)

Hiro on Big and Small
Nice variety.

Jypyä Pop on Big and Small
Green and white...

Nicou on Ganesha
Quel éléphant e timage quelle statue fantstique vue et iamge. amitié

Steven on Ganesha
Beautiful floral decorations that Ganesha is adorned with!!

Lalena on Ganesha
Nice decorated!!

Steve Rice on Ganesha
A beautiful image of Ganesha and the lovely flowers.

Existence Artistique on Ganesha

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