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Colourful Dolls
29 October 2013

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Our Portrait
22 September 2012

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Jai Hind !
15 August 2012

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White Flower
8 July 2012

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East Coast Road
18 June 2012

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Small Brass Lamp
12 June 2012

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Children Playing
9 May 2012

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Green Plants
11 April 2012

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Egmore Railway station
2 February 2012

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Happy Birthday Viji
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Patrick M. on Chandra Metro Mall
Very modern building

Mhelene on Chandra Metro Mall
Beautiful composition !

Don - Slackwater on Chandra Metro Mall
I like this eye-catching image of this impressive building. It serves as a god backdrop for the sky portion.

Devi on Chandra Metro Mall
Wonderful capture Sam !!! Lovely framing with that beautiful blue sky and tress below!!!!

L'Angevine on Lord Balaji

tataray on Chandra Metro Mall
Magnifique point de vue. )

Jypyä Pop on Chandra Metro Mall
Handsome house

Nicou on Lord Balaji
Quel ensemble et vue quel rendu et cpatage sueprbe effet et iamg.e amitié

RBL on Decorations
Very pretty and attractive; love the mood too! Great capture!

RBL on Lord Balaji
Wonderful rich colors and presentation!

omid on Lord Balaji
very nice! such beautiful colors & textures!

Sunder on Lord Balaji
Nicely captured shot of this poster of Lord Balaji..

Don - Slackwater on Lord Balaji
A nice shot of this pretty poster. The art work include wonderful colors.

Lalena on Lord Balaji
So colourful!! Nice compo too.

L'Angevine on Decorations

Stephen on Lord Balaji
Beautiful graphic.

tataray on Lord Balaji
Woooo ...... excellent. De toute beauté. )

Chetan on Lord Balaji
Jai ho! May his blessings be always on mankind.

Devi on Lord Balaji
That's beautiful...divine.. Love the details you have captured here Sam :) Thank you :)Happy Rama Navami :)

Jypyä Pop on Lord Balaji
But this is amazing. True beautiful.

Lalena on Decorations
Lovely place to take a photo!!!! :) Have a nice day.

omid on Decorations
such beautiful frame, colors & lighting! Lovely!

Sunder on Decorations
Lovely lights...

Lougris on Decorations
Joliment fleuri !!

L'Angevine on Trees

tataray on Decorations
Très belle luminosité, c'est superbe. )

Jypyä Pop on Decorations
They are stunning. The light comes through them smoothly.

Devi on Decorations
Beautiful capture !! A very elegant decor here !!! Wonderful Sam :) Have a nice weekend:)

la griffe du loup on Trees
un beau vert

Chetan on Trees
Beautiful greens

Lougris on Trees
Il est magnifique !!

Jypyä Pop on Trees
Beautiful view.

tataray on Trees
Bel assortiment de verts. Belle luminosité. )

Devi on Trees
Oh My God !!! What a lovely spread of green....dark and glowing in the foreground and fading towards the sky !! Can ...

Pierre on Marble Sculpture
Nicely framed

Mhelene on Marble Sculpture
Oh...A beautiful capture !

♡ Isa on Marble Sculpture
Adorable !

Don - Slackwater on Marble Sculpture
A fine exposure of these sculptures to capture the lighted and shaded portion equally well. Nice one.

Nicou on Marble Sculpture
Quel rendu sur la pierre quel statues et vue sueprbe iamge. Belle journée Nic.

L'Angevine on Decorations

Stephen on Marble Sculpture
Lovely close-up image.

tataray on Marble Sculpture
Splendides sculptures, belle texture. )

Jypyä Pop on Marble Sculpture
Disarming ...

Devi on Marble Sculpture
Awesome image...Lovely details...wonderful sculpture !!!

Nicou on Galaxy
Ce personnage comme il se tient droit quelle belle entrée et lumière superbe Amitié

Nicou on Green
Quelle belle plante et vue quel vert et cpatage sueprbe. amitié

Nicou on The Ramp
Très très belle rampe avec la courbe et les personnages en fond sueprbe. amitié

Nicou on Decorations
Quel bouquet et iamge quel rendu et vue sueprbe captage et ensemble. amitié

Steven on Decorations
A beautiful floral arrangement that appears so real!

Adela Fonts on Decorations
Stunning beauty!

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