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Colourful Dolls
29 October 2013

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Our Portrait
22 September 2012

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Jai Hind !
15 August 2012

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White Flower
8 July 2012

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East Coast Road
18 June 2012

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Small Brass Lamp
12 June 2012

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Children Playing
9 May 2012

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Green Plants
11 April 2012

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Egmore Railway station
2 February 2012

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Happy Birthday Viji
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Steven on An Young Plant
Gorgeous detail and warm light captured at its "heart"!!

Baldwin VW on An Young Plant
This is a Sago Palm and not very young ... Nice shot !!! The details and light are great ...

Mhelene on An Young Plant
Wonderful framing in the sun !

Patrick M. on An Young Plant
A little spicy, but a plant with charm!

Devi on An Young Plant
wonderful capture Sam !!! Love the light that brightens up the leaves and that big flower in the middle !! I think this ...

L'Angevine on Sun

Jypyä Pop on Green Plant
It is visited by close to a human being. That little red indicates that visit.

Steve Rice on Sun
A pretty rendition of the sun.

Lalena on Sun

Mhelene on Sun
Superb capture of tHe sun on the card .

Patrick M. on Sun
The sun is shining in our hearts, but outside too !!

L'Angevine on Nalanthaanaa ...

Nicou on Sun
Quel beau soleil sueprbe compo et couleur Belle journée Nicou

Jypyä Pop on Sun
It glows like a real sun. Stunning.

Devi on Sun
Yes Sam :))) The heat is simply terrible..My heart goes out to the vendors and traffic policemen on the road !! ...

Steve Rice on Nalanthaanaa ...
A fine capture of this beauty.

Adela Fonts on Nalanthaanaa ...
Awesome! I love it!

Mhelene on Nalanthaanaa ...
Beautiful capture !

Don - Slackwater on Nalanthaanaa ...
A striking portrait-type image of this actress. A fine shot.

Nicou on Nalanthaanaa ...
Quel belle dame et beau visage sueprbe compo e tiamge. Amitié

Devi on Nalanthaanaa ...
I LOVE THIS... Thank you Sam :)

Devi on Nalanthaanaa ...
wonderful shot !!!! How magnificently you have captured this from the T V screen!!! You don't find the likes of ...

Patrick M. on Nalanthaanaa ...
Beautifully decorated, a shy beauty - Beautiful portrait

L'Angevine on Green
intéressant ces bandes

tataray on Nalanthaanaa ...
Excellent portrait. )

Jypyä Pop on Nalanthaanaa ...
Very beautiful portrait.

Nicou on Green
Quel beau dessin tout en finesse sueprbe amitié

Jypyä Pop on Green
It is art of work

Steve Rice on Flower arrangement
A very beautiful arrangement.

Steve Rice on Green
A cool graphic in these nice colors.

tataray on Green

Lalena on Green
Cool graphisme!!!!

Don - Slackwater on Green
I like the pattern of this green image very much. Well done.

Sathya on Green
Nice pattern

Patrick M. on Green
Nice design, like smoke that rises !!! ;-)

Mhelene on Green
Great design and beautiful green .

L'angevine on Jaya Returns

Devi on Green Shades
Beautiful designs..beautiful curves and shapes....soothing to the eyes... Thank you Sam ;)

Don - Slackwater on Jaya Returns
These are fine shots to document this special occasion.

Nicou on Jaya Returns
Quelle série d'image sueprbe cpatages. Bravo et belle journée Nicou

Beautifully shot!!! Very Nice Sam:)

tataray on JAYA RETURNS
Magnifique montage... )

Shiva on Floral arrangement
Congratulaations to your daughter, Sam ---- its a simply gorgeous and colourful arrangement --- and the presentation is ...

L'Angevine on Naturals

Nicou on Naturals
Quelle image ce lampe et ce cadrage splendide Belle soirée Nico

Nicou on Floral arrangement
Avec la lumière au centre quelle vue quelle couleur ces fleurs sueprbe. Belle soirée Nico

Don - Slackwater on Floral arrangement
A beautiful display of these flowers. I like the arrangement very much.

Robert D. Burr on Floral arrangement
Nice arrangement.

tataray on Floral arrangement
Magnifiques couleurs, belle composition de fleurs.)

Khatoon on Floral arrangement
Beautiful flowers! It absolutely has a nice smell!

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