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Colourful Dolls
29 October 2013

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Our Portrait
22 September 2012

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Jai Hind !
15 August 2012

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White Flower
8 July 2012

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East Coast Road
18 June 2012

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Small Brass Lamp
12 June 2012

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Children Playing
9 May 2012

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Green Plants
11 April 2012

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Egmore Railway station
2 February 2012

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Happy Birthday Viji
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Don on GRT Jewellers
A beautiful model captured very well in your picture.

Mhelene on GRT Jewellers
Great capture of the portrait !

Nicou on Sekar Emporium
Ce blanc avec le découpage comme en écriture et les éléments colorés en fond ...

Nicou on GRT Jewellers
Quel portrait quelle charmante dame et beau visage superbe. amitié

Lai Chan See on GRT Jewellers
Lovely portrait.

Jypyä Pop on GRT Jewellers
Beautiful portrait

Jypyä Pop on Sekar Emporium
Stunning, little mystic.

Ana Lúcia on GRT Jewellers
Beautiful portrait.

L'Angevine on Sekar Emporium

Devi on GRT Jewellers
That is some fascinating necklace with matching bangles, ear drops and ring !! She looks beautiful... A wonderful ...

Tataray on GRT Jewellers
Très jolie. Magnifique portrait. )

B. Thomas on Sekar Emporium
Interesting shot.

omid on Sekar Emporium
Nice shot with beautiful frame & colors! Amazing shapes!

Steve Rice on Sekar Emporium
That's so cool with the colors showing through.

Don on Sekar Emporium
This elaborate cut out has created a very interesting picture. Excellent.

Hiro on Sekar Emporium
very nice decoration

Devi on Sekar Emporium
that is a lovely panel!! The view through this is beautiful with the multi coloured textiles!!! Inviting !! Thank you ...

Mhelene on Sekar Emporium
Very beautiful ! Superb framing .

Ronnie 2¢ on Sekar Emporium
What a clever effect this carries.

L'Angevine on Sekar Emporium

Nicou on Kabali
Quel portrait et vue quelle compo fantastique amitié

Nicou on Sekar Emporium
Quelle dame dans ce décor de magasin de tissus superbe vue. amitié

Steve Rice on Sekar Emporium
She wants to sell you some sarees. Pretty shot.

omid on Sekar Emporium
very nice shot with beautiful frame & colors! Lovely!

Don on Sekar Emporium
An interesting shot for its many colors. A person in the picture draws attention and makes the shot more interesting.

L'Angevine on Kabali

Hiro on Sekar Emporium
Charming lady

Devi on Sekar Emporium
wow..what an array of sarees !! Lots to choose from ! Lovely image Sam :)))

Tataray on Sekar Emporium
Magnifique. Grand choix de tissus. )

Tataray on Kabali
Beau portrait. )

Jypyä Pop on Sekar Emporium
Great view

omid on Kabali
Lovely portrait!

Steve Rice on Kabali
A nice smile.

Mhelene on Kabali
Great capture of the poster .

Don on Kabali
A happy subject on this posrter. A fine detailed picture from the poster.

L'Angevine on Sekar Emporium

Jypyä Pop on Kabali
Smiling mister, fine portrait

Devi on Kabali
This poster looks nice Sam :)))) Great capture.. My husband is an avid fan of Rajni :)))))))))))))))))))))) Of course ...

Nicou on Sekar Emporium
C'est le solde c'est presque donné génial. amitié

Steve Rice on Sekar Emporium
Looks like a good deal!

B. Thomas on Sekar Emporium
What a deal.

Ronnie 2¢ on Sekar Emporium
Well . . pays your money and makes your choice . .

L'Angevine on Sekar Emporium
bien de choix

Devi on Sekar Emporium
Nice design to attract the eye of the customer !!!

Jypyä Pop on Sekar Emporium
And people can buy... very much

Nicou on Sekar Emporium
Quel étalage coloré de tissus superbe vue et captage. amitié

Shiva on Sekar Emporium
A great presentation, Sam ----- and all the fabrics and colors ----- I want to be there right now !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ...

omid on Sekar Emporium
very nice shot with beautiful composition & lights! Lovely colors!

Steve Rice on Sekar Emporium
So many colorful fabrics on offer here. Neat shot.

Steven on Sekar Emporium
Another colorful PoV captured here!!

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